One week after the first big publicity for the Hitchhiker’s movie with a new version of the trailer and artwork published on Yahoo, the official website has been redisigned and has got some new content.
The new design is based on the famous teaser first seen this summer. The movie logo welcomes you, and then there is a page where the teaser appears in small size with the official opening date, May 6, 2005. From this main page you can access to a download area (great deskstops, icons and poster), some concept art (the same already seen on yahoo), the new teaser in various sizes and medias, and the good old movie blog. So this is no revolution, but a good new version of the official site.

The blog has been updated with two news but nothing very new in fact. Anyway it’s very funny that they have made a little wink to my site, explaining about the strange note (you know the one with the babel fish) which previously appeared on the site that “The sheer bloody-mindedness of the Vogons threatened to close our production blog down forever when they hacked onto the site, however, we have managed to bring it back in the form of “Official Movie News”.” Ok, so no my website is not the only one that have been hijacked by Vogons!