According to Los Angeles’ Hollywood Reporter, John Malkovitch will star in the h2g2 movie. This has been officially confirmed. He will play a brand new character, « a religious cult leader called Humma Kavula, created by the late author especially for the long-gestating film ». Robbie Stamp, executive producer, told me that John will play a “crazed missionary” now living on the planet Viltvodle”. The character could have something to do with the Great Green Arklesiezure story.
This is of course great news, and a funny coincidence too. Let’s remember it’s « Being John Malkovitch » director, Spike Jonz, that recommanded Hammer & Tongs to Disney. Maybe Spike has helped his protégés to convince the american actor to thumb a ride on the h2g2 movie.

A british actress is also due to star in the h2g2 movie according Bill Nighy who let slip the info in a recent interview. Her name is Anna Chancelor and is best known as « Duckface » in « Four weddings and a funeral ». She also played parts in Heart, The Man Who Knew Too Little, Staggered… She has been confirmed later today and we know she will play Questular, the vice-president of the galaxy… which is also a new part!

It’s also great to think that Douglas have created a new version of the Guide before he died, with brand new characters, rather than just a too faithful adaptation.