Rod Lord who made the graphics on the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the galaxy TV series has put some original artwork on ebay. This is incredible stuff so if you’ve got enough money, you won’t want to miss such an opportunity.

The auction ends the 17th January. Click this the link to go to the auction.

According to Rod Lord’s description on ebay :

“This package is made up of :

1 – The original storyboard for this sequence.
2 – One of the masters used under the Repromaster to animate Arthur and Ford away into space at the start of the sequence.
3 – The key animation guide for the first 12 positions of this animation.

This package will come with an accompanying authenticating letter and description embossed with the Pearce Studios Ltd seal.

I will sign each item – including the letter of course !

I will include a full description of how this animation was generated and used. The large Rotring pen drawings on celluloid which were the starting point for the animation were auctioned at Hitchcon 2009.”