Well, a new picture on the official website is still a big event. Of course because there’s now two of them in the official gallery! And the h2g2 movie team has decided to get on our nerves!

After “the squared wheels bike”, we have now a picture of a clapper and some stuff alongside we can hardly recognize. The girl might be Trillian or a production assistant. As you want. And the bits of something that could be creatures could be Vogons ! Yes, Vogons! And that’s where it’s not unfunny at all. Because i just got rid of these creatures, and now they want to come back.
So if the producers could get in touch directly with the Vogons, it would be very nice, thanks! In the meanwhile here is their news on their dedicated webspace.

PS (sept 09) : the hijacked versions of my website are still online. You can get the links in the movie section of douglasadams.info