This is the first major step of the official marketing campaign of the Hitchhiker’s movie. The international buzz campaign is kicking off with an exclusive partnership deal with Yahoo in the US, UK and Germany. They have been given a new version of the Comicon trailer – which is slightly different to the one we all have already seen. In fact, it’s there is the first glimpse of the actual Guide at the end of the trailer. Nothing fabulously new but very nice anyway. At the end, you can see the official opening date : the 6th may. Alongside this, Yahoo have also been given eight pieces of very nice concept artwork (featuring the Heart of Gold and Marvin) to showcase along with the official teaser poster, brief synopsis and cast info.

The UK link was the first to be online and was quickly anounced from the main page! But it just features the trailer in windows media player version. If you want to see the pics and more infos you have to go on US yahoo here. You will be able to see also the trailer in Quicktime.

Of course, you have guessed that there is still no actual pictures of the movie! They really want to tease us as long as they can.

Let’s remember anyway that MJ Simpson, Duke and myself will get something exclusive to show you soon, Tuesday the 16th.