A UK trailer will be shown on Sky Movies News, Sky Movies 1 at 7:30 pm this Saturday evening. It will be online on Monday and I’ll publish the link to the new trailer here as soon as I’ve got it! But if you can’t wait, Sky Movie is publishing a one minute long small size preview (windows media player needed). UPDATE : The version on sky Movies is slightly different from the one on UGO (no girl in bikini but with the Journey Of the Sorcerer theme !). All these are small windows media player files. We should have a BETTER version on monday.
It is quite a different trailer than the one that has been shown in the US theatres and on amazon.com. It seems to be the one Robbie Stamp, executive producer of the movie, shown at Wondercon the 19th February, in San Francisco. It’s also the one, or almost the same one anyway, that I saw one month ago… somewhere on a strange planet lost in space.

And now… The guys at scfi.com have interviewed executive producer Robbie Stamp and quotes him in two news on their website. One, entitled “Hitchhiker Thumbs Down On CG” is about the fact that Hitchhikers use the less computer-generated imagery possible because Garth Jennings “wanted something which had a sort of a heart and soul and a charm to it.” In this news, Robbie also talks about Marvin and composer Joby Talbot.

The other scfi.com news is entitled “Adams Added To Hitchhiker Film”. In that one, Robbie talks about Douglas appearing (in a quite strange and funny way in the movie), Kavula and the guide entries.

There are some spoilers in both articles but not too much.