Good news from the international box office. As you all know, the H2G2 movie has not opened yet all over the world. The big release this week was obvioulsy France. We had a French avant Premiere the 5th August with Garth Jennings, Nick Goldsmith and Robbie Stamp. It was a wonderful evening. One thousand persons was there to see the movie on French biggest movie screen. The audience laughed and applauded the movie.

Below you can see Robbie (and his lovely wife Sue), Garth and Nick at the French Premiere.

The movie was finally released Wednesday the 17th. For its first day, H2G2 is second right behind the Island which opened in 491 theatres (249 for H2G2). Typical french behaviour : the fact that The Island is a failure in US makes the movie even more attractive for French people! Encouraging results anyway for H2G2 as Douglas Adams is almost unknown in France. There are currently a lot of debates of french movie forums about H2G2. People are quite surprised by such a movie. Some love it and others don’t understand a word about this movie. H2G2 had also good reviews from the french press.
French box office for wednesday 17th August

1 – The Island 2 – H2G2 3 – La cloche a sonnĂ© (french comedy) 4 – Mr and Mrs Smith 5 – Charlie and the chocolate factory

In Finland, the movie has opened last week and is still first. It grossed 330.124 dollars in two weeks.
1- The hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy 2- Valiant 3- Sin City 4 – Fantastic Four
In Norway, The Hitchhiker’s movie has grossed $566,668 dollars in three weeks. I don’t have the figures for Sweeden but according to Totta (webmaster of a sweedish website about Doulgas and H2G2), the movie was 2nd (with Batman begins 1st) when it opened at the begining of August.
We should notice too that the movie was a good success in Germany where it made $7,730,678 in seven weeks (better than Batman begins). While it was rather a failure in Netherlands (it opened only 5th in the box office at the begining of August and have only grossed $336,702 in two weeks which is rather weeks in The Netherlands).

According to, The H2G2 movie has grossed 96,3 millions dollars already and has just been released or will be released in other countries in the next few weeks. The movie should reach the 100 millions dollars gross before the end of August.

The movie has also just been released in Belgium, French Switzerland and Argentina. It has yet to be released in Spain (2nd September) Japan (09th October), Italy (10th October)….