Ian, who found Nick Goldsmith’s blog in the first place, put Marvin’s video and Nick’s blog on the net for our pleasure.

To see the video go there : on Ian’s Website

And here is the unabridged text from Nick’s blog :

” Mon – October 13, 2003 Marvin walks! Warwick Davis came into Hensons today to try out the first Marvin prototype suit! Posted at 11:59 PM
Wed – October 8, 2003 BOWLING! To celebrate the green light, we took everyone involved so far on a nights bowling. Posted at 04:06 PM
Mon – October 6, 2003 Book launch of the official Douglas Adams Biography Today we got to meet the whole family! Posted at 04:04 PM
Thu – October 2, 2003 First script read through Armed with our high tec recording set up and 5 very talented actors, we did our first entire read through of the current draft. Posted at 03:50 PM
Wed – October 1, 2003 Marvin comes to life! We just had a very productive meeting with the team at Hensons, going over pretty much everything. They have been very busy whilst we were in Los Angeles, and have just finished the first sculpt of Marvin, and are working on Jeltz and Kwaltz as we speak. Posted at 09:37 PM
Thu – September 25, 2003 Green light! Today The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy was finally given the official green light! Posted at 09:36 PM
Wed – September 17, 2003 Meeting with Nina Jacobson. Today we presented all the visual work and storyboards to Nina Jacobson and Jason Reed at Disney. Posted at 10:16 PM
Tue – September 16, 2003 Garth & Nick fly to Los Angeles. Whoo Hooo. Posted at 10:15 PM
Tue – September 9, 2003 Meeting with Gary & Roger. Today we showed Gary and Roger the storyboards. Posted at 10:14 PM
Sat – May 24, 2003 Presentation of concept visuals. Back to the Disney UK video conference room, for a full presentation of concept visuals. Posted at 10:12 PM
Sat – May 17, 2003 Variety announce Tongs attached to Hitchhikers Guide. Everything starts to become a bit more of a reality. Posted at 10:10 PM
Thu – May 8, 2003 Script development in London. Karey Kirkpatrick and Derek Evans come over to the boat for a weeks work on the script. Posted at 10:05 PM
Sun – May 4, 2003 Zaphod head test. Just shot our first Zaphod test with Jon Hollis. Posted at 10:08 PM
Tue – April 8, 2003 First video conference with Disney. So armed with a fantastic “Don’t Panic” curtain, as provided by Mark Mason and Asylum, we arrived at Disney UK for our first video presentation. We had put together a visual presentation of storyboards, initial designs and references. Posted at 10:03 PM
Fri – March 21, 2003 First conference call with Spyglass. Today we had our first conference call with Spyglass. Robbie Stamp came by the boat, and we introduced ourselves to Roger, Gary, Jon and Derek at Spyglass. Little did we know it was the beginning of what was going to become something really special. Posted at 09:59 PM “