A great update today on the official blog. James Thrift, Douglas’ brother, has posted a report about the last Douglas familly visit on the set some weeks ago. Douglas’ brother, sisters, mum and daughter even joined the cast for the day.

A saturday morning at the end of july, the 2nd unit was filming on location in London at Moorgate tube station. They shoot several street scenes as the Vogon fleet arrive overhead. And among the crowd, in panic, several members from Douglas Adams familly have been filmed with even a close-up! The familly have been also filmed by “the crew making a documentary for the DVD, and another crew from Disney who will be filming us throughout the day”. So they can boast now that they are some true movie stars !

They also had the opportunity to see the long awaited trailer (and not the teaser we all already know!) : “hey join us as we take over a little café on the corner so see a sneak preview of the first movie trailer. How can I describe it without giving anything away, despite being only 30 seconds long, it’s a big trailer for a big film, but unmistakeably Hitchhikers. Does that make sense? It’s the sort of thing that Douglas would pull out his laptop to show to a complete stranger in the street’. We can presume they will show it to the rest of the world quickly. Hope so anyway!

So read James’full and detailed report here. You will see also the picture with goes with the update : a behind the scenes picture with director Garth Jennings, Ed Victor (Douglas’ litterary agent) and Jane Belson (Douglas’ widow).

An other behind the scenes picture can be found in the gallery. I don’t recognize everybody, but you can see the Hammer & Tongs team, producer Nick Goldsmith and Director Garth Jennings. And we also see the back of a creature that could look like a Vogon.