The official website has opened the 11th may, just three years after douglas adams’ death. The website opens with a funny flash animation of the earth destruction (in fact there are three animations available so you can try to enter again on the website once you’ve seen it to see the other animation). I like too what could be the movie’s motto « The greatest adventure in the universe begins when the world ends ».

As promised, the website will be a blog, and will be (we hope) often updated to keep the fans in touch with the latest news avalaible from the better source you could dream of. It’s great because i dont think they often do that kind of things for Hollywood movies.

The first entry is about douglas’ death anniversary. All the staff made a one minute silence and were brought together for a great familly picture.

Thanks to this first entry, we also learn to that they’ve just began a scene in the heart of gold, after some muddy stuff in the british countryside.

To go to the official blog :