Rod Lord, the genius who made the computer graphics, has put on ebay some original artwork and you really shouldn’t miss it. End of auction : 17 Jan, 2010

“H2G2_ AW_003 : Gargle Blaster package

This package is made up of :

1 – The photographic lith film that was back-lit under the rostrum camera.
2 – The rostrum camera set-up key that has the rostrum track calibrations stuck on it.
3 – The camera dope sheet in Rod Lord’s hand writing.

This will come with an accompanying authenticating letter and description embossed withthe Pearce Studios Ltd seal.

I will sign each item – including the letter of course !

This is the first item I came to in the first box I opened. The hand writing on the camera key and dope sheet is definitely mine but my memory does not deliver who designed this and put together the original black on clear from which the camera artwork was made. This may be somewhere among the huge quantity of stuff in one of the other boxes – if I stumble across it at some point I will make that available.

It is entirely possible that Kevin Davies did this. Kev – if this is so you’ll get a %age of whatever this raises … if anything !

Kevin very probably did the dark room work, registered it with punched 35mm film, and did the black paint spotting on the film.

I’m vaguely surprised that the calibrations on the tape from the camera track stuck onto the key do not show farings or “easing in and out”. That would normally have been the practice.

But perhaps it was decided that a sudden start and finish looked more “electronic”.

Who did the camera work ? Who knows ? Could have been me – or Kevin – or John Percy? To determine that we would need to still have the camera sheet which went with the can to Rank’s film labs for processing. Sadly that is long lost with all the other camera sheets from that time.

I will continue to dig my way gradually through the pile and list on eBay anything that looks viable – ie not just wadges of lith film welded together !”

The auction is here 

UPDATE : the item was sold 120,00 GPB