The first and biggest news is yet to come. A key Hitchhiker’s cast will be made soon (probably the narrator or Marvin’s voice, both still uncasted). So I recommend listening to: Steve Lemacq’s radio 1 show, ‘The Tomorrow People’ on Monday 3rd Jan at 8pm (GMT)… listen online at

The teaser, which first appeared in the US theaters with the release of National Treasure (a big hit starring Nicolas Cage which provided a big exposure for the teaser engrossing $141,064,753 in 6 weeks) seems now to be played before several other movies : “The Aviator” (the last Martin Scorcese’s movie with Leonardo DiCaprio), “The life aquatic” (with Bill Murray) and “Phantom of the opera” (a romantic musical epic horror movie based on Gaston Leroux famous novel and Andrew Lloyd Webber musical). This are all very different movies and it should ensure that the teaser has been seen by a very broad public.

Regarding the movie tie-in editions of the Hitchhiker’s novels, you can now see the US cover . There is a sticker on it that anounces a 64 pages long bonus section on the making of the movie. Robbie Stamp, executive producer of the movie, is the author of the introduction as anounced on this temporary (?) uk cover.
Oh, and a little goodies I missed on Duke’s website. The 20th december, Nick Loven, aka Darthbastard on forums, revealed that he was the guy who won a competition runed by Simon Mayo’s show on BBC Five Live with a great winning prize : a role as an extra in the h2g2 movie. He tells us about his experience here. That’s great. And Nick will write a full report for the international fan club fanzine ZZ9’s Mostly Harmless.

Oh, and we’re still waiting for the answers to your questions by Nick and Garth in mid-January. So stay tuned. I’ve got the feeling that 2005 will be a great year 😉

At last. As you know the movie will be released the 6th May in the US and England. But in other countries, this might be a little different. The movie release date in France will probably be the 13th July. This will let time for Disney France to introduce Douglas and Hitchhikers to the french public. Indeed in France, and in other countries like Italy, Douglas and Hitchhikers are not very well known. Of course this should change quickly once the movie will be released !

OH AND HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYBODY ! Thanks once again for your support.