That’s great news… and a big event. Hammer & Tongs (director Garth Jennings and producer Nick Goldsmith) have done just an interview before and they will now answer by email to the best questions of submited by the fans. I will provide about 10-15 questions to the big guys. And I would really love if you submited me the best questions you can think of. I can’t guarantee of course that all your questions will be answered, but I’ll try to select the better ones.

Let me have your questions by end of Wednesday 15th December. The idea is to give them to Nick and Garth before christmas, and to get answers in the New Year.

You can post your questions on the forum, or if you’re too shy you can send them to me by email.
Oh, and there will be a little surprise on Wednesday 8th at 5.30 PM (GMT time). So keep in touch.