Above the title and the BBC radio series website have both heavily updated a few days before the broadcast of the last instalments the utterly famous Hitchhiker’s radio series = the Quandary and the Quintessential phases.

The Quandary Phase will begin at 6.30pm on 3 May. Each of the four weekly episodes will be repeated at 11.00pm on Thursdays (with the exception of 5 May). The Quintessential Phase will start on 31 May.

On the Above the Title website, you’ll find a great video trailer and a video making of made by Kevin Davies. They have also an audio trailer and lot of pics.

As you certainly know, the cast for the two last phases is incredible. Sandra Dickinson and David Dixon (Trillian and Ford in the TV series) both appear in the new series. Jane Horrocks (Absolutely fabulous) is excellent as Fenchurch. Johnatan Pryce comes back (the famous english actor well known from “Brazil” already played in the second series). Stephen Fry (the Narrator in the movie) is also here. And there is even a Hollywood star Christian Slater (“Interview with a vampire”) who plays Wonko the Sane in the Quandary Phase.