I got a quick interview with Christopher Harding from the Shynola collective who told me that they are “fully signed up and working on the film now”. As you know, the team is working since last november on guide entries graphics. Christopher didnt want to say too much because they are quite at the begining of the creative process, so he didnt exactly replied to all my questions. But he was kind enough to give me some replies anyway so here they are :

NB : Shynola is a young british animation collective but you have already made some award winning videos for rock groups. How do you explain this success? Shynola being a collective, how do you work together?

CH : I don’t know really how we came to be successful. I guess we were just doing something different to the majority of music videos. As to how we work together, I could take all day and still not really explain it. Broadly speaking, we share ideas and inspire each other to work hard and hopefully the whole ends up more than the sum of it’s parts.

NB : When did you all first discover Douglas’ work?

CH : I was too young to appreciate the radio series of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy when it first aired, so my first exposure to his work was the BBC television series.

NB : I reckon you knew Hammer & Thongs before working on the h2g2 movie. Were you surprised when they were signed for the movie?

CH : Yes, we’ve known Hammer and Tongs for some time. Strangley, it didn’t seem too surprising that they were making the film. It just seemed natural, Garth is a very creative director and once I thought about it, the project seemed tailor made for him.

NB : How much work have you already done and have still to do?

CH : We’ve really only just begun, we have many months ahead of us…. Sorry I probably haven’t said as much as you’d like to hear, but it all adds to the excitement, doesn’t it?!

Here is Shynola website : CLICK HERE