The radio adaptation of “Life, the Universe and Everything” will be aired on Radio 4 from the 21st september. It will be broadcast on Tuesdays at 18.30hrs and then repeated the following Thursday in each case at 23.00hrs.

First episode : 21st Sept at 18.30h + 23rd at 23h Second episode : 28th Sept at 18.30h + 30th at 23h Third episode : 5th Oct at 18.30h +7th at 23h Fourth episode : 12th Oct at 18.30h +14th at 23h Fifth episode : 19th Oct at 18.30h +21st at 23h Sixth episode : 26th Oct at 18.30h +28th at 23
If you’re in UK, you can obviously listen to the radio show on your old radio set, but if you’re an internet geek, and if you’re not currently living in UK, you can of course listen to the the new Hitchhiker’s radio show on Radio 4 website. Just make sure you’ve got the right plug ins before the show if you don’t want to miss the begining.

And to celebrate this broadcast, Radio 4 website had already launch a section regarding the h2g2 radio series. We could see a little making of (made by Kevin Davies) and listen to a preview. We have now a new great design and a lot of other amazing stuff so go there NOW !