As you sure know the quandary and quintessential phases are on the way. This new series will contain eight new episodes (four based on “so long and thanks for all the fist” and four episodes based on “mostly harmless”). The two last phases will be broadcasted on air and on line thanks to Radio 4 from the 3rd may 2005 (3 days before the US and UK movie release date!) to the 21rst June.

So it’s certainly time already for Dirk and the cast to go back in studio. In fact the recording began the 17th december in New York. Dirk Maggs has “directed a legendary US comedy talent down the line from London. The result is one half of a very funny conversation with Ford Prefect which will be completed by Geoffrey McGivern in January. More news on casting will follow, including the voice behind this character … sorry to tease … it’s worth the wait … “

Anyway we already know some of the new cast involved :

– Jane Horrocks (you certainly remember her she’s Bubble in Absolutly fabulous!) will be Fenchurch – Miriam Margolyes (Professor Sprout in Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets) will be The Smelly Photocopier Woman From Hawalius – Chris Emmett as The Evil-Looking-Bird From The Old Pink Dog Bar – Rula Lenska is back but we still don’t know her part (she played the Lintillas and her clones and also the airline stewardess in the secondary phase – episode Fit The Twelfth)