Dirk Maggs and Above the Tittle have just finished Thursday 20th January the recordings of the two last Hitchhiker’s radio series : the Quandary and Quintessential Phases based on “So Long and Thanks for All the Fish” and “Mostly Harmless”. Eight episodes have been recorded in about two weeks and will be broadcasted from the 3rd May.

I’ve been very lucky to be able to go to the Soundhouse studios Friday 14th January and meet such great guys like Dirk Maggs, Simon Jones and Geoffrey Mc Guivern. You can read my report in the bonus section of this site. I’ll just add here that it was a wonderful day, and that you’ll got some nice surprises in the new series, including a lot of wonderful guest stars including well known US and brittish actors. There will be also cast members from other versions of Hitchhikers who will play a part in the new series. It seems a bit early for Above the Tittle to publicize the names now, so I can’t say much more.

Anyway, regarding the new radio series, be sure to read on my website Dirk Magg’s interview (in the bonus section).

I also met Radio 4 picture Competition winners Nolan Worthington and Andrew Wyld who also visited the Hitchhiker studio. To know more about them and their own report of the day click here.