Robby (Stuck Chocolat) has seen Robbie Stamp in Bruxells. He kindly sent me his report – There are indeed several interesting informations (don’t forget to read five and six) :

“Today I went to Robbie Stamps presentation in Brussels. Since it was at 4 o’clock in the afternoon there were only about 50 people as audiencee; I know that’s not really much, but giving we’re a tiny country and the fact that decent Belgians have to work on 4 o’clock on thursday; I thought 50 was a reasonable number.

I didn’t learn much new, but I think Robbie said some things we didn’t know up till now. I’ll keep it short.

1) Robbie showed us a 360° view of the HOG escape pod. These 360° views should be available on the internet in a few weeks 2) Robbie watched part of the movie yesterday. Some pieces are completely finished now: the soundtrack has been recorded completely is and now being mixed.

3) We got to see a rough cut of the demolition of earth. No CGI, and the score not completly finished in that part. After the Earth exploxed we got to hear the first notes of the Yourney of the Sorcerer. The video clip was than stopped. I think we can be sure though, that the Yourney of the Sorcerer wil be there after Earth is demolished

4) To the question if it was Douglas’ idea of the way the arranged Zaphods 2 heads Robbie didn’t give a clear answer. He said Douglas wanted it done differently from the TV-series since the 2nd head was horrible. Robbie said Douglas was “higly involved” if it came to the way they’ve arranged the heads now.

5) the HOG will have speaking doors as it should be. The voices of the doors are not done by famous people but just by the audio crew. The voice of Eddy the shipboard computer will be “Tom Lennon”. I don’t know who Tom Lennon is, but could it be this guy?

6) Since the internet trailer seems to be such a big success, also in the USA; it has been decided that not the USA international, but the internet trailers will be played in the cinemas in the US…
For the rest I thought it was a very interesting afternoon. We’ve seen a lot of footage which could be part of bonus material for the DVD (behind the scenes, the actors talking, …). Most of the time Robbie spoke so we actually didn’t got to see a lot of pieces of the movie…