Now, all the main characters are casted. It is now official that Sam Rockwell will play Zaphod, as the day before we learnt that Warwick Davis will definitly play Marvin part. Now the official casting looks like this :

Arthur…Martin Freeman Ford…Mos Def Trillian…Zooey Deschanel Marvin…Warwick Davis Zaphod…Sam Rockwell

This means we still dont know if our dear Stephen Moore will be signed as Marvin’s voice even if I cant imagine that it could be otherwise. Bill Nighty too has not been officially casted yet as Slartibarfast.

As most of the other members of the cast, Sam Rockwell is a talented young actor who is not very well known but has been remarked in several movies (Charlie’s angels, Welcome to Collinwood,…) and has a sixteen years long knowledge of hollywood business. He began his career with some strong stuff like Francis Ford Coppola’s tv film “Clockhouse” (1988) at twenty years old, and he then featured in “Last exit to Brooklyn” in 1989. In 1996, he stared in six movies (!) and some rather good ones like “Basquiat” and “Box of Moonlight”. He even knows something about sf comedy as he stared in “galaxy quest”! Even if we all hope that The hitchhiker’s movie will be far better than this rather poor comedy.

It is also very important to notice than our new Zaphod wont be too shy with some pan galactic gargle blasters as he played an alcoholic in “Over the Limit” (1990) (TV), HBO’s “Dead Drunk” (1992).
Here is Sam. It would be slightly better with a second head and a third arm but well we’ll have to wait a little :