“The science of Hitchhikers” will be published the first week of May according to UK publisher MacMillan. The book is written by Michael Hanlon, a british sience writer (you can still read his interview on this website here). The book wil be a 256 pages hardback book full of explanations about Science in Hitchhikers : “Adams was a science and technology enthusiast and his books were inspired by – prefigured even – many of the great scientific debates of our times. The Science of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is a light-hearted, accessible and informative tour of the real cutting-edge research behind the corner-stones of a much-loved classic, including space tourism, parallel universes, instant translation devices, sentient computers and more.”

You can pre-order the book on amazon UK and US and also on MacMillan Science website here.
Also, Mike Hanlon is giving the following talks :

He will be speaking at the Cambridge Science Festival at 1pm on Saturday 19 March.
He will be also speaking at the Cheltenham Science Festival on 12June.
He will be spaeking at the Royal Institution of Great Britain with Robbie Stamp (executive producer of the Hitchhiker’s movie, friend and business partner of Douglas in The Digital Village) on 30th June.