The very first paid for a UK screening will be 42 minutes before midnight on Wednesday 27th i.e. 42 minutes before the official day of release. The screening will be at Empire Leicester Square and the link for info and to book tickets is:

This is definitely one to dress up for and it will be a real occasion (plenty of time for a couple of pan galactic gargle blasters beforehand to get in the mood).

But remember that tomorow plenty of people in the UK will have already seen the Hitchhiker’s movie thanks to free screenings all across the UK tomorow. We should have a lot of reactions and reviews from now on.


Jenz spotted some great long interviews on filmfocus : Robbie Stamp (executive producer), Garth and Nick (director and producer of this movie ), Bill Nighy (an excellent Slartibartfast), Sam Rockwell (Zaphod), Zooey Deshanel (Trillian) and at last Martin Freeman (Arthur)

On the other side of the ocean, Jake (from in his news blog have listed a lot of interviews and articles about the movie.