Just this short mesage to say that the shooting for the movie seems to be now finished. The 19th august, one knowledgeable user posted on my forum that “The final shot for main unit was shot this afternoon at Shepperton, the model shoot has one more day of shooting. Drinks all round”. Shepperton is a studio close from Elstree where they made all the main filming. In Shepperton, they shot all the scenes which required some digital effects afterwards, using some blue walls.


Once again we owe many thanks to MJ Simpson who spotted the interview in today’s UK newspaper “The Guardian”. As you certainly know, Joby Talbot (“The League of Gentlemen”) is currently writting The Hitchhiker’s movie soundtrack. Joby is a real Hitchhiker’s fan : “Some people can recite the Koran. I can recite The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy… During meeting with the producers, somebody would mention a line and I would have to stop myself from reciting the whole scene for fear that they would assume I was a stalker. I can’t quite believe I’m working on the film of it, which is going to be brilliant”.
Joby loves classical music but also pop music. Ant both could learn from eachother : “The famous statement about classical music is that it’s 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. I beg to differ. Having worked with all these pop musicians, I’ve realised that the initial inspiration is all-important. Too much concert music is based on technique and no idea. And pop music should try and appreciate originality a bit more.”

Joby likes a lot different things. In his teenage years, he was really into Yes and Jeff Wayne. He listened also to Van Halen and Aerosmith, which seems a little difficult for him to assume now! “Mahler, Shostakovich and Stravinsky are among Talbot’s favourite composers, and he discovered modern composers such as John Adams and Steve Reich at the age of 18”.

Anyway, his love for music is not new! “He has been playing classical music since the age of four, when he picked up piano and oboe, and has studied at the Guildhall and worked with Michael Nyman… At the age of nine, Talbot wrote his first piano piece”. Precocious? “It was rubbish!” answers Tolby.