We already knew that Simon Jones (the legendary Arthur from the h2g2 TV and radio series) would play a role in the Hitchhiker’s movie. But we didn’t knew which part he would play. Finally, Simon Jones himself revealed the well kept secret in an interview with british SF mag SFX (thanks to MJ for spotting this). In this month’s current issue, Simon Jones said he has recorded his part last august and that it was the Magrathea Hologram. The Hologram is already a well known part. In the TV and radio series, he coldly welcomes the Heart Of Gold when the spaceship approaches the dead planet, threatening the HoG crew with “fully armed nuclear warheads” guided missiles. Missiles, which, thanks to the Improbability Drive, will finally turn into a very surprised looking sperm whale and a bowl of petunias.

According to Simon Jones, the Hologram speech will be “largely the same as in previous versions”.
Simon Jones seems very enthusiastic about the movie (and here i quote again MJ) : “Robbie Stamp knew Douglas pretty well in the latter years and he has been very, very careful and pretty rigid in sticking to the spirit of Douglas’ humour,” says Simon. “I don’t think people will be particularly surprised that the film has a little more narrative drive, but I think they will like it, and it will be a great success. I have already said that I want a bigger part in the next one.”