Saturday evening, it seems that a slideshow with concept art and behind the scenes pictures of the h2g2movie has been shown for the annual Butt-Numb-a-Thon in Austin, Texas. BNaT is an annual non stop 24 hours movie event organised by Harry Knowles from Ain’t it cool news. This is the 6th edition, and he often got some cool exclusive stuff to show.

FIRST UPDATE = Here is the reactions of the organizing staff regarding the Hitchhiker’s slideshow : “This next exclusive presentation proved the incredible graciousness of the studio and filmmakers involved. We were treated to a slide show (a BNAT first) of production artwork and stills from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. We saw some beautiful shots of the Heart of Gold, Marvin, Deep Thought (imagine an enormous Buddha-like computer with it’s monitor shaped head in it’s hands resting in the middle of the jungle). We also saw the first look at the Vogons which looked, remarkably, exactly like Vogons, all the while without appearing at all how I pictured them. But I dig it. I dig it deep. This movie is going to own all of our puny non-planet sized brains soon enough”. And another comment : “The HITCHHIKER’S slide show. My excitement for that one went up tenfold. I think Douglas Adams is in heaven right now grinning and nodding.”

SECOND UPDATE = I got this fascinating email from Jay Knowles : “About an hour-long, the full theater screen show was narrated in person by the producer-friend of the creator. (Sorry his name escapes me – NB : IT’S ROBBIE STAMP!!) Extremely informatitive, entertaining, and surprisingly emotional… with outstanding shots of art, props, sets and some scenes (great close-up creature shots, too).

The BNAT crowd went crazy with a reception as big as any of the premiere films got. There was a Q&A of about 20 minutes also. Once again the visuals were stunningly beautiful. Everyone I talked to afterward is now a “foaming-at-the-mouth-can-t -wait-to-see-it-geek” concerning this flick. (not necessarily the case pre-show).”

Interesting new fact too, but not linked at all with the Austin event (!), the making of book of The Hitchhiker’s movie should be published in april by Boxtree according to – It seems a bit early but I hope to give you more informations about that soon too.

Please remember that you can send me your questions for the Q&A with Nick and Garth (hammer & Tongs, you know the guys who make the movie) before the 15th december… So you haven’t got much time left.

Oh, and sorry for the problems with the gallery page and the forum this week end. Now the problem seems to be solved.