I’m sorry about the mess with Marvin. In fact it seems that someone thought it was very funny to attack my forum on a Sunday. I had a bad time with this phpBB stuff, couldn’t repair it straight away so I asked Marvin to deal with the website during a few hours. My mistake! Well, everything is back online now. It’s not the first time that a Hitchhiker’s fan website is being attacked by fools.

DouglasAdams.se and Planet Magrathea got problems too. Why this damn bast***s attack amateur websites? Isn’t it too easy for their huge brains?

And now for something completely different… As you sure all know already, the official website has been updated. And it’s not the usual small kind of update but a brand new website featuring a lot of goodies (360 views of sets, games, characters and their voices,…) and a great design. So, go here and have fun!

DarthBastard (from Douglasadams.se forums) has spotted an interesting article by Craig Hill, managing director with Digital Outlook. The guy is in charge of the Hitchhiker’s movie Internet buzz and he talks about the Hitchhiker’s movie case study here.

You can also watch small size new pics from the movie. You can discover them on http://www.incinemas.com.au/ (Coming soon/Hitchhikers) – thanks to Nikki Green and Jenz for that one.

You can also see a great big size new pic with Marvin and Arthur on IGN Filmforce (thanks to MJ for this one)