The last few days were quite difficult to manage. Due to bandwidth limitation and the fact that there are a lot of visitors on my website for some weeks, the site went down for several hours. Now it’s back and I hope you appreciate the brand new design and the new content (I will still work a lot on the content during the next few months to improve it so if you have comments to share you’re welcome).

I launched my first website about H2G2 and Douglas Adams in 2001, had four websites in 2005 (,, and and now back to two (one in french and one in english – which are very similar and share the same forum). It will be of course much easier for me to manage the new bicephalous entity. And thanks to a friend (Ash222), I feel that the design is just right

For a few days yet, when you go on, you’ll have a page in french. But you can click on the british flag and everything should be all right (or just use the adress Anyway this is going to be fixed anytime soon. I really apologize for the inconvenience.