here has been a nice chat with Stephen Fry on Lot of nice questions and witty answers from Stephen Fry.
There was quite an interesting answer about a possible Dirk Gently movie :
“Well Robbie Stamp, an old mucker of DNA’s who ran Digital Village with him and exec prodded HHGG wants to make it as a movie and has tentatively asked if I would be interested in either playing Dirk or writing-directing or all three, or both or any permutation thereof…. Am currently rereading DG with this in mind….”
Rumours about a Dirk Gently’s movie or a DG TV series is no new stuff but it’s still great news to know that it’s still alive in the mind of such guys as Robbie Stamp whose implication was decisive to make the H2G2 movie after Douglas’ death. Let’s remember too that a Dirk Gently radio series is still being considered.
Another nice answer about a possible new implication of Stephen Fry with Douglas Adams’ universe (Last Chance to See to be accurate) was this one :
In reply to “anotherchancetosee” question : “I am in discussions with Mark Carwardine about doing a TV series with your handle as its title. Using Douglas’s audiobook version of ACTS as a guide for us as we investigate how the various species are doing nearly 20 years on. The Yangste River Dolphin now officially extinct, for example…. “.
It would be great to have Stephen Fry involved in such projects. Well we can still cross our fingers and hope… Meanwhile read the chat transcript HERE