Incredible MJ has spotted on Magrathea website an interesting article from Hollywood Reporter where the magazine makes a preview of the summer’ 05 openings in theatre. Of course, the dates are due to change, and the opening date of June the 3rd for Hitchhikers is not sure at all. But it gives us a good overview of the movie openings in Summer 05, and see who will be the h2g2 competitors.

So let’s face the truth. Competition will be harsh. There are a lot of big possible blockbusters for this summer. In the SF category, h2g2 will have to compete with Star Wars III (May the 19th)! And some other long awaited movies will open this summer : Batman begins, Mission impossible 3, The Ring 2… And there will be some big comedies of course : “The Pink Panther” and “Fun with Dick and Jane” (star Jim Carrey). But these ones are quite differents from the Hitchhiker’s universe and tone.

I think he strong point of Hitchhiker’s will be his originality. The SF background can be a plus, with the third Star Wars movie opening a few weeks earlier. If the Star Wars movie is good, it can rise the public’s interest regarding SF. Of course, the possible negative effect is that Hitchhiker’s could be seen as a Star Wars’ spoof.

MAY 6 – “Kingdom of heaven”, (dir/Ridley Scott, star/Orlando Bloom), action adventure epic, 20th Century fox 6 – “The Ring 2” (dir/Hideo Nakata, star/Naomi Watts), horror, Dreamworks 13- “Kicking & Screaming” (dir/Jesse Dylan, star/Will Ferrell), comedy, Universal 13- “XXX : State of the Union” (dir/Lee Tamahori, star/Ice Cube), thriller, Revolution studios/Columbia 19 – “Star Wars III” (dir/George Lucas, star/Ewan Mc Gregor), Lucasfilm/Fox 27- “The longest Yard” (dir/Peter Segal, star/Adam Sandler), comedy, Paramount 27- “Madagascar” (dir/Eric Darnel & Tom McGrath), animated comedy family, Dreamworks

JUNE 3 – “The hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy” ! 3 – “The sisterhood of the traveling pants” (dir/Ken Kwapis, star/Amber Tamblyn) teenage drama comedy, Warner Bros 3 – “Tru Blu” (dir/Antoine Fuqua, star/Denzel Washington), drama, Imagine Entertainment/universal 10- “The adventures of Sark Boy and Lava Girl”, (dir/Robert Rodriguez), action adventure 10- Untittled (dir/Bernie Mac-Ashton Kutcher), social comedy, Columbia 11- “Batman Begins” (dir/Christopher Nolan, star/Christian Bale), Warner Bros 24- “Fun with Dick and Jane” (dir/Dean Parisot, star/Jim Carrey) Columbia 29 – “Mission Impossible 3” (dir? star/Tom Cruise) Paramount

JULY 1 – “Chicken little” (dir/Mark Dindal), animated family film, Buena Vista/Disney 8- “Bewitched” (dir/Nora Ephron, star/Nicole Kidman), comedy, Columbia 15- “Charlie and the chocolate factory” (dir/Tim Burton, star Johnny Depp), family fantasy, Warner Bros 22 – The pink panther (dir/Shawn Levy, star. Steve Martin), comedy, MGM 29 – Shaggy Dog (dir/Brian Robins, star. Tim Allen), family comedy, Buena Vista/Disney 29 – Stealth (Dir/Rob Cohen, star. Josh Lucas), SF adventure, Columbia