Mj Simpson revealed on his website that Susie Figgis that “the important job of finding potential actors for the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy movie is in the safe hands of Susie Figgis, one of the most experienced and highly respected casting directos in the UK”. Her filmography as a casting director is indeed impressive. She worked on many, many succes movies as “Sleepy hollow” (99), “The full Monty” (1997), “Interview with a vampire” (94), Cry Freedom (87), “The Mission” (86) “Gandhi” (82) or “Killing fields” (84)… She also worked with many great directors as her brother Mike Figgis (for the excellent Time Code), Ken Loach (Hidden Agenda, Land of Freedom), Steven Soderbergh (Kafka)…
She also worked as a casting director for “Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone”, but she left because she was unhappy with her relationship with US director Chris Colombus, and they disagreed about the choice of the actor for Harry’s part. But she did a huge work, being swamped with 40.000 applications!
So i think we can be confident in her casting choices. And with Hammer & Tongs at the direction/production, and with the help of executive producer and douglas friend’ Robbie Stamp, just think of all the marvelous things that can be done with the casting thing! We all know that the casting choices will be vital in the success of the movie, as they have been for the original radio series.


Robbie Stamp has also given an other clue regarding the casting. After telling me that Stephen Moore (the only real Marvin) will once again incarnate the maniaco depressive robot, he told my friend Jenz (owner of the douglasadams.se website) that, regarding Arthur role, “Hugh Laurie has not really been in the running this time. I think the feeling is that he is just a little too old now – if there was to be a sequel he would be nearly 50 – just too old for Arthur I suspect.” British actor Hugh Laurie was Douglas’ favourite choice, but as the original Arthur, Simon Jones, is now regarded as too old. An other famous name for Arthur part, is Hugh Grant. But is he not too old too? One thing is sure : we’ve been several times promised that Arthur will be english.