At last. The long awaited trailer – you know the one with actual movie footage – should be seen in February. It’s not really first hand information. MJ Simpson (Douglas’ biographer and number one fan) got the news from Jim Lynn (from who got the news from director Garth Jennings ! I could almost laugh but that sounds like solid news. And you all know that all these guys are pretty serious when it comes to Hitchhikers. So we all have now to wait and be very careful not to miss it !
Oh, and the news has spread all over the net and apparently there is a test screening of H2G2 this thursday (27/1) at the Paseo theatre in LA ! So, if it is true, we should get some first reviews very soon appearing on the net. But frankly, it would take a lot of sound and reliable very bad reviews to take my enthusiasm down !

And we were awaiting some fresh news from NECA who got a licence to make Hitchhikers action figures. After the Hitchhikers Vogon Prop Replicas avalaible here and now for US citizens, we should have soon some Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Action Figures. They will be avalaible in april. There will be a five character line up. We already have some pics of Marvin and Arthur Dent.