UPDATED : The new trailer (you know the one with actual things from the movie you’re all waiting to see) was online ON AICN the 15th in the evening (GMT) but it is no more avalaible there. It was exclusively on amazon.com till the 18th. It is now available as a high rez quick time movie (full screen) on the official website ! Of course when you go there on the main page you will find a small version of the trailer instead of the teaser which has been removed.

It’s NOT the trailer I saw two weeks ago (in a secret area in a forgotten world far away from our galaxy), it’s less good. But it’s good anyway. I just hope that’s not the final copy (the guys on AICN sayt that it’s a “vaguely finished version” and I hope the one I saw will be the one they will release on amazon and imdb. It was more original and funnier. This one is quite…. a typical Hollywood kind of trailer (UPDATED : the AICN version is the same that the one you’ll find on amazon but in a smaller size version – 2ND UPDATE : the quick time version on the official website online from the 19th is in top quality).

You can still watch again these still photographs published on IMDB the 14th with Zaphod, Ford and Arthur. No high rez pic this time. It’s just IMDB, you know…


There have been a lot of people reacting to the trailer here on your favourite Hitchhiker’s website forum but also on AICN, Duke’s Douglas Adams Continuum and imdb. The reactions are mainly quite positive, but the funnier one is this one Duke spotted on imdb and posted by sammusfar :

“I always envisioned Zaphod as a giant solemn frog, so this trailer has sorely disappointed me. Further more, I always thought of the guide itself as more of a large heavy canister of petrol, and I certainly can’t see Mos Def playing Ford what with him only having two eyes.

But all those problems aside, what I find most infuriating is that Marvin is not, in fact, a tiny orange dinosaur like I so vividly remember seeing in the radio series.

Being a huge fan of the brilliant Douglas Adams I am furious that this movie is not exactly like I hoped it would be. Even though I haven’t actually seen the movie yet, I’m absolutely certain that the quick two minute trailer has telepathically communicated with me, letting me know beyond a doubt that this movie is complete garbage. If Douglas Adams were alive today he would be mortified that my vision of the movie was not created”.