Simon Mayo from Five Live Radio asked two questions during his show to win an extra part in the hitchhiker’s movie. According to MJ Simpson, the price was “won by Nick Loven from Lincolnshire. Listeners were asked to invent a drink to rival the Pangalactic Gargleblaster and Nick’s suggestion was called the Viltvodle Charmhammer. Here’s his recipe:

Leave a glass of orange juice in the sun for half a day. Any sun will do, just don’t leave it too close to the centre or you’ll never be able to retrieve it. Add two drops of Jatravartid armpit sweat and as much Viltvodka as you can acquire. Finally pour the drink into a hollowed-out watermelon – sentient or non-sentient variety, depending on personal taste. Stir it with whiskers freshly plucked from an Arcturan Mega-leopard and decorate it with a Tananglian Zoopleflower – and an olive”.
The question was posted too on Five Live’s website.

And now the competition’s winner : Adrian Cockle from Surrey! What a lucky boy. His photography was the one, among one hundred pictures, that got the attention of the judge… Martin Freeman! will soon add “some of the best submissions to the Edited Guide so even if you didn’t win you might still see your picture illustrating h2g2… And even better, for those non-UK Researchers who were unable to enter, we’ll soon be launching a brand new photography scheme on h2g2 that will be open to all.” Great! But they dont say fi the prize will be again an extra part in the hitchhiker’s movie