After Jamie Freeman’ visit to the movie set some weeks ago, it’s now the h2g2 editor Jim Lynn and Douglas number one fan MJ Simpson who had the luck to see the movie set. These two guys had already the luck to inerview the Hammer & Tong team.

They are kind enough to share some informations about the movie. If MJ Simpson still waited to be okayed from the producers, Jim Lynn has already published a report on They have been on the set this week. You can read Jim’s report here. Robbie Stamp, executive producer, has shown him “a wall with a set of storyboards and production drawings showing the story from start to finish”. They have seen the Vogon’s heads “amazing – huge and extremely detailed, right down to the facial hair”. Then they went “to the George Lucas stage, where we entered the Heart of Gold”. And Garth (the director) showed them around the set : “The Vogon ships, the Heart of Gold, Deep Thought, all of them are nothing like I would have imagined, but once you see them they seem utterly correct. I keep waiting to see or hear something that makes me think ‘Oh no, that’s not right at all’ but it hasn’t happened yet. I can’t wait for Summer 2005.”

We should get news from the MJ’s report soon. So watch this place!

At last, i just wanted to add that on the official website you can now find a brand new gallery. Well, it has just one picture right now (a square wheeled bike!!) but more should come. Life can be so surprising sometimes !