Well, this is a little complicated but as you know there have been an official UK trailer shown on Sky Movies news Saturday the 27th February. This one has got a narrator and it is much funnier and better than the US one shown on Amazon some weeks ago. It should be still avalaible in a poor quality version on Sky Movies website. I think it should appear on the UK official movie website soon once it will be ready to be launched.

Some guys found an other version, slightly different, on UGO website. This one is also introduced by The Narrator but this time there is a girl in bikini, a joke about the voice of the guys who usually speak on trailers, and there is no more “Journey on the Sorecerer” song at the end. This one should be called The UGO or better the Internet Trailer. It seems to be the one Robbie Stamp, executive producer of the movie, shown at Wondercon the 19th February, in San Francisco. This new exciting trailer (and not only for the bikini bit) is avalaible now in different formats and full screen quality on the Official Website !


The 28th January, I launched a Dentrassi contest with the help of those kind guys at Random House. You had to answer to two easy questions and find a good recipe for the Dentrassi. SIX of you have won a prize. Those who have won something and didn’t send me their adress are welcome to do it now. The prizes will be sent to the winners as soon as they are released (let’s remember the lucky winners won some h2g2 movie tie in editions of the first Hitchhiker’s book with Robbie Stamps exclusive introduction). ALL THE WINNERS’ RECIPES WILL BE SOON PUBLISHED IN THE DENTRASSI SECTION OF THIS WEBSITE.

The answers were (and almost everybody found the good ones) : 1. which songs Douglas Adams played on stage with Pink Floyd? “Eclipse” and “brain damage” 2. when was first broadcasted the first episode of the Hitchhiker’s radio series aka Fir the First ? Wednesday 8th march 1978

WINNER (all five Hitchhikers books + the US movie poster) : The Hitchhiker´s Supremo Cake – Emily Crabtree

These other guys made some nice recipes too and won an Hitchhiker’s book (the h2g2 tie in edition of the first book with Robbie Stamp 92 bonus pages about the movie) :

– Pound Cake – Michael Walker – “The Pain – The Soup That Will Kill You” – Supercharlie/Charles Campbell – Vogon Ill-Tempered Stew – Tom Condor – Puddeling-grand forum – Thomas Krohn – A College Gals Recipe for Freshman Year Chilli – Summer Sparacin