Well, I didn’t expect this one. But it’s quite official. The UK released date has been moved forward. We expected that the US and UK would see the first to see the movie the 6th May, but now UK release date is 29th April !!! I don’t know why they did it but they might have a very good reason to do so !
The same day I learn that in my country (France) the movie, which was supposed to be released the 10th July, will in fact be released the 17th August. France will be now the last one of our list to see the movie after Norway and Denmark. Life, don’t talk to me about life!

All this terrible events (!) should make us think. The release dates are not definitive in many countries (even in UK!). And the situation is quite different in the different countries. The ones where Douglas is not very well known (like France) may wish to wait a little to see if the movie has a big success in UK and US first and try to chose the best release date according their own market.


Fanboyplanet website has published a new critic of someone who was there at the Pasadena test screening last week : “I was thrilled at how well this film captures Douglas Adams’ masterpiece…. I think even the uninitiated will deeply enjoy this film.”


As you all know executive producer Robbie Stamp has presented the movie last sunday in London. He has also revealed the UK movie poster which is quite different from the US one we know. MJ Simpson has published a full report by Dave Haddock (read the 7th February entry). Luke Barnard has made also a report which has been published on Jenz’ forum.


Actor Warrwick Davis (Marvin’s body) is currently publishing a Marvin’s diary on his own website. Not many entries just now but he updates often his diary with some funny and witty stuff.