In 2006, The comedy writer Jon Canter fondly recalled how his accidental role as faithful servant to Douglas Adams and a host of other amusing chaps inspired his first novel. … alaxy.html

Jon Canter was also interviewed by Andrew McGibbon about the experience on BBC Radio 4, 16 Dec 2008, 11:30. You can still listen to the interview here : … flat-mate/

At the begining of 2010, a strange book appeared on which would be published on august 2010 “I Was Douglas Adams’ Flatmate” by Andrew McGibbon … 910&sr=8-1

I quickly got in touch with Faber & Faber regarding the upcoming book. Here is their answer :

“It is due to be published February 2011. The whole book doesn’t focus on just Douglas Adams; it’s more of a compendium of ‘significant others’ to celebrities.”

So it’s more a companion book to the radio4 series ‘I was…” which featured “i was douglas adams flatmate”. I suspect that the title won’t be “I was douglas adams flatmate” then but it should be an interesting read nevertheless.