This was announced on towel day. Hothead Games will release a new game adaptation of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the galaxy… almost thirty years after the famous Infocom text adventure.

Right now we don’t have any further informations. We don’t know what kind of game it will be or on which platform it will run, and even when it will be actually released!

Hothead’s most famous game is DeathSpank, a game released on XBoxlive and PSN for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 : “Created by Ron Gilbert, the legendary mind behind Monkey Island, DeathSpank is the rarest of the rare: an honestly funny, fun video game” according to Hothead games! Here is a review at ign :

Hothead Games has also released “Bunny and the Zombie Slayer” and “Chromanoids” for iphone, and also “Precipe of darkness”,  an episodic RPG/Adventure based on the popular comic strip “Penny Arcade” (pc/mac/PSN/XboxLive).

Hothead games has launched a website (well a webpage right now) for the upcoming Hitchhiker’s Guide to the galaxy game that you can see here