Last month, an unnoticed press release from Blaneau Gwent county council revealed that the h2g2 movie crew shooted some scenes in South Wales at Blaenau Gwent, in a disused quarry at Trefil near Tredegar. Filming took place during the summer with over 100 cast and crew descending on the area.
And this place is supposed to be Vogsphere, the Vogon’s planet! “Obviously it will require a huge suspension of disbelief for those who know Blaenau Gwent to believe it could be the home of the Vogons but we are delighted that a major film has taken advantage of the excellent location and infrastructure available here, as well as the huge skill presence in the region” according to Richard Crook, Head of Business Services at Blaenau Gwent Council.

It’s very important because in the books or radio series, no action takes place in that planet. I think that this news can be related to a post made by Jamie Freeman on his brother’s official website during the first days of the summer: “Martin and the Hitchhikers movie crew have been in Wales, filming a short location scene. The scene was part of one of those ideas Douglas Adams had for the movie before his death, and it’s quite an interesting plot development I must say. The wind was apparently howling through the rocky location, with the crew shivering in their puffa jackets… Martin, meanwhile, had to stand around in traditional Arthur Dent costume! Oh well, you’ve got to suffer for your art, that’s what I say (although I suspect he had some Hollywood-grade thermals on underneath).”