Robbie Stamp was at Wondercon the 19th February, in San Francisco, to give a pesentation of the Hitchhikers movie.

The lucky attenders saw a ‘sizzler reel’, a four minutes thing which is according to ING Filmforce “simultaneously entertaining yet annoyingly brief, providing the rabid fan base of Adam’s universe with nothing more than a quick fix to tide them over until the end of April”.l
Bu the most interseting thing was the fact that Robbie came to the Wondercon with a brand new trailer quite different from the one which has been released a few days ago on amazon and now on the official website.

This different trailler, called by Robbie an “Internet trailer” could be thus released just on Internet (the actual trailer shown on amazon has apparently already been shown in american movie theaters just before “Constantine”, the new Keanu Reaves movie)

According to Boynamedsue (who was at the Wondercom and posted his report on the forum, “It was a total parody on normal hollywood trailers. It opens with the guide opening and says “This is what the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy has to say about trailers…”
And from there its wonderful satire. a few of the aspects i can recall are the “Often trailers contain a deep voice saying “IN A WORLD….” and then they show the earth explode, and the guides voice continues “But sometimes not.”

Another great bit is in the middle they say something like. “And then a random shot of a girl in a binkini” (non movie footage.) then immediately after marvin hangs his head and says “That did absolutely nothing for me.”

It was uttlerly fantastic and had the audience cracking up the entire time. It concludes talking about how most trailers conclude with a montage usually set to rock music, and listing what it contains “Action, heroes, villians, dolphins,” etc. and even a brief shot of a whale dropping from space.”
This new trailer seems to be far much better than the other, and it seems also quite similar (but not entirely I don’t remerber the Bikini footage – which I would surely remember if I saw it !!!) to the one I’ve seen one month ago.


Other good news have been announced by Robbie during the Wondercon. He said that everyone should need to wear 3D glasses at one peculiar moment in the movie because Simon Jones’ cameo as the Magrathean hologram will be in 3D !

There is a grey grey banner on front of Heart Of Gold that wraps around tells whole process of the infinite probability drive creation. On this banner, we can see Douglas and almost all the guys who made the movie (Hammer & Tongs, the producers,…) . Took 4 months to do but will only be on screen for a short time. But I think you will be able to see it very closely in the DVD.

Robbie Stamp has also explained why the Vogons have a flat nose “He said that they were an idea of Douglas’s – they are very plentiful, across the Vogon homeworld (I hope I’m remembering this right), and their purpose is to come up and thwak you in the face whenever you have an original thought. In hopes of stifling that sort of thing. That’s at least the gist of what he said. So basically, questioning why you were smacked in the face would result in nothing but another smacking” (from TheFuture2000 on forum). This could explain the smacking bit at the end of the Amazon Trailer !